Thursday, May 21, 2009

Envision Laie


Aloha to all,

Hawaii Reserves wants to develop a new community in Malaekahana, Kahuku.

Once again, HRI offers 'affordable housing' as incentive in return for
community support.

Their mainland consultants have crafted phone, internet polling and held workshops "to listen" to you. (Yes. No joke. Some selected residents were paid $100 for interviews.)

Have the consultants given sufficient details and time for you to make an intelligent decision?

It's not easy to question your bosses and leaders in small communities like Laie.

No fear! This blog is created for your comments, ideas, and suggestions.

Results will go to
Mayor Mufi Hannemann and also the President of The Latter-day Saints Church in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our kuleana to you:

1. Your identity is 100% confidential and will never be revealed to any one.

2. You can use "anonymous" for your comments.

Your kuleana to Independent Kamaaina:

1. No need feel defensive to put a nice word for your company or your boss.
Bosses & Consultants: Don't force workers to manipulate this discussion

The blog is for ordinary kamaaina to share
their thoughts - telling it as it is.

2.Please share with your friends so we can get the grassroots sentiments of our Kama'aina.