Thursday, May 21, 2009

Envision Laie


Aloha to all,

Hawaii Reserves wants to develop a new community in Malaekahana, Kahuku.

Once again, HRI offers 'affordable housing' as incentive in return for
community support.

Their mainland consultants have crafted phone, internet polling and held workshops "to listen" to you. (Yes. No joke. Some selected residents were paid $100 for interviews.)

Have the consultants given sufficient details and time for you to make an intelligent decision?

It's not easy to question your bosses and leaders in small communities like Laie.

No fear! This blog is created for your comments, ideas, and suggestions.

Results will go to
Mayor Mufi Hannemann and also the President of The Latter-day Saints Church in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our kuleana to you:

1. Your identity is 100% confidential and will never be revealed to any one.

2. You can use "anonymous" for your comments.

Your kuleana to Independent Kamaaina:

1. No need feel defensive to put a nice word for your company or your boss.
Bosses & Consultants: Don't force workers to manipulate this discussion

The blog is for ordinary kamaaina to share
their thoughts - telling it as it is.

2.Please share with your friends so we can get the grassroots sentiments of our Kama'aina.



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Anonymous said...

Christiansen Contractors

Anonymous said...

Hawaii Reserves at it again.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hawaii Reserves must be monitoring this site. I don't see the Honolulu gardeners at the Hale La'a blvd any more. They use their own crew now. Now they are talking local. LOL. I don't know how any one can continue to trust HRI with their record.

People at BYU also forget how mean Steven Wheelwright was to them. Or are they afraid he can fire them if they oppose him.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember?

1. How HRI treated us when the floods came?

2. How HRI promises us affordable housing for the past 20 years?

3. How HRI dropped affordable housing on April 2008 and refused to show up at the LCA meeting to explain?

4. How HRI con us into getting sewered so they can develop? Our sewer fees from $17 month will only go up.

5. Do you remember when Pres Wheelwright came from Idaho?

6. Do you remember how cruel he was to locals?

7. Do you remember all his new mainland appointees?

8. Do you remember only he knew best and you didn't know which shoe was going to drop next?

9. Do you remember how many presidents have come and went?

10. Do you remember how Hawaiians were told to move inland for a while but lost their land forever?

11. Do you remember how HRI treated the people who lease from them?

12. Do you remember how HRI treated small business tenants?

And you want to trust them again?

What guarantees are there that this will not happen when HRI/BYU/PCC get what they want?

What protection is there?

Corruption In Laie said...

Cannot trust HRI words Part 1

Today is November 23, 2010. Where is the hotel? Hawaii Reserves tore it down on January 25, 2010. Employees lost their jobs. Where is the hotel? The lot is still empty. Now HRI says it does not know what will happen. They now want 300-rooms hotel. Can Hawaii Reserves ever be trusted? Just listen to their hot air . Remember HRI cannot be trusted.

Hawaii Reserves plans 220-room Laie hotel
Dec 10, 2007

(TVLW) – Officials from Marriott International Inc. say the company is close to signing an agreement to operate a new 220-room hotel planned for La’ie.

The new hotel, which is expected to be completed sometime in 2010, would replace the 48-room Lai’e Inn, which is controlled by Hawaii Reserves Inc., the land management arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Eric Beaver, president of Hawaii Reserves Inc., described the new property as designed “for guests visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center, Brigham Young University-Hawai’i, the La’ie Hawaii Temple and other destinations in our area.”

“The low-impact design, combined with Polynesian themes and tropical landscaping, will reflect our unique character and provide a fresh, new option for visitors,” Beaver said.

The environmental assessment for the project is in the final stages. Construction is planned to begin sometime in early 2009 with an expected completion date of early 2010, he said.

Corruption In Laie said...

Part 2 of 2

Ed Hubennette, Marriott’s vice president of North Asia, Hawai’i and South Pacific, confirmed that the chain is close to an agreement to operate the hotel. “We’re excited about the project,” he said.

Hubennette said the property would be operated as one of the Marriott hotel chain’s various brands.

Beaver said the original $30 million cost estimate given when the hotel plan was first proposed in 2004 is outdated. He said he could not provide an updated cost.

Hawaii Reserves is proceeding with various construction approvals at the city level, which include a special management area permit, he said.

DeeDee Letts, chairwoman of the Koolauloa Neighborhood Board, said members of the board and the community earlier saw the artist’s renderings of the project and know the area is zoned for a resort development.

“We were pleased that they are not planning a high-rise,” Letts said, noting that Hawaii Reserves officials have described the project as “no taller than the coconut trees.”

She is awaiting further details in an update expected at a meeting in January. “Most of us are probably OK with it,” Letts said, noting that the project will replace an outdated building and a McDonald’s.

“It’s got to be better than what’s there now,” she said.

12:00 AM HST

EnvisionLaieQuestions said...

Check the comments out!

Posted by ka'aka'aJan 14, 2011 11:57 pm

My family has lived in Laie dating back to the days the Church College of Hawaii, now BYU-Hawaii, was built. I have worked in the north shore community all my adult life. Watched Laie grow and change. But what happened as it grew and how facts become befuddled. My next post made me understand that those who have lived here a long time...should really look at all the consequences of the new developments in the works for Laie.

Continue from my last post:
In one of my jobs, I had the priviledge of serving a long time supporter of the community a BYU/PCC board member's wife. She came into the facility I worked in and we had a brief conversation about the development ideas of Laie, out of respect of others opinions I didn't comment. End of the conversation, she smiled and said "You know if we build it better people will come and live there." Shocked, I could not believe I heard it. Better people? What better people??

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