Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Laie Community Association

The Laie Community Association bas long been the butt of jokes for many years. Laie residents have complained LCA is a puppet of Hawaii Reserves, Inc. Do "quiet" elections with about 40 - 80 votes give LCA the mandate to represent Laie? Should there be term limits for the board of directors to prevent cronyism and entrenched status quo? Do you know who your board members are? Are they representing you? Please express your thoughts. No personal attacks but feel free to express your thoughts about these public figures. They chose to represent you so the public has the right to them hard questions.


Laie Boy said...

Pane Meatoga,

You have been the LCA president for as long as I can remember.

Do you believe in term-limits?

Do you believe in allowing others like Junior Ah You or Kent Fonoimaona a chance to represent Laie?


Laie Resident said...

To the LCA Board:

When we bought land from Zions and HRI, we had to pay 3% to LCA. We've been told that LCA made about approximately $300,000.00

My question to you is where is the money today? Have there been an audit of this fund? Where is the expense accounting?

This fund could have helped LCA hire their own consultants to see what our affordable housing needs really are. Questions like what can our brothers and sisters REALLY afford in Laie could be answered. Right now, LCA is just depending on HRI and its mainland consultants. It's asking the fox to guard the hen house.

I don't trust HRI said...

Pane Meatoga, LCA President

My questions to you:
1. how long have you been LCA President?
2. Is it true that the last two elections, you only have 40 and 76 votes?
3. When is the next LCA election?
4. Do you think Laie needs new blood in the LCA leadership?

Question said...

Hi Pane,

Do you consider your position as the LCA president as church calling? Do you feel Envision Laie is inspired of the Lord? Do you feel those who question and disagree with you as enemies of the church?


Laie Resident said...

To the LCA President,

Many of us cannot figure out why you continue to cling on to power when you are the butt of continuous complaints and jokes. Are you really proud of this? What do you think history will say of you in 20 years? Do you want to be known as the rubber-stamp and puppet of HRI? Do you want to be known as the useless LCA Pres who cannot provide accounting of expenses? Do you want to be known as the LCA who forgets who he is to represent? Do you want to be known as the LCA president who holds silent elections? Do you think it's time for some one else to represent Laie? Brother time to step down already. Give other people and Laie a chance.

Laie Resident said...

---What do you think the kuleana of a LCA President is?

---who should you represent?

--- should LCA have regular meetings for the community?

---- do you believe the LCA president or the board should hold this position for life?

Water Boy said...

What do you want people to think of you in the next generation? That you were the best water boy for HRI? Bro, step aside already.


Pane Meatoga. Get a backbone. Represent the people of Laie or leave. Helping HRI sell sandbag for 50 cents is not going to solve Laie flooding problems.


Eh Brah, you now have LCA meeting every 1st Thurday. When you going to get something done instead of going in circles? for how many years now? Leave already!

Ambushed LCA Election said...

WHOA! I just heard there was an election and Pane is the President again. Again!

How come so secret?

Sick of LCA BS said...

From the HRI/PCC/LCA online promotion news: August 3, 2010

Laie Foodland bridge to be widened

The Hawaii State Department of Transportation recently agreed to replace the existing 25-foot-wide Laie Foodland bridge with a new 50-foot bridge — doubling its drainage capacity. The project is scheduled to start in 2011.

The Laie Community Association (LCA) has been working with Hawaii Reserves, Inc., BYU–Hawaii, and the Polynesian Cultural Center to address drainage issues through the Envision Laie process.

The community's storm system was built in 1961. There are more than 50 inlets throughout Laie, with two system outfalls emptying into the ocean near the Polynesian Cultural Center and at the drainage canal by Foodland. The 25-foot-wide bridge outfall at the Foodland canal is under capacity.

"The outfall at the Foodland bridge is a major bottleneck in our system," said Kevin Schlag, chair of the LCA Drainage Committee. "Widening the bridge is critical to improving drainage in Laie, and we appreciate the work that Hawaii Reserves, Inc., has done to facilitate this key improvement."

LCA's President, Pane Meatoga, noted, "We look forward to working with the state, residents and landowners through the Envision Laie process to continue to find drainage solutions for our community."

%%%%%%% WHAT A BUNCH OF LCA BS %%%%%%%%%

What a bunch of BS. These people are conniving and manipulative. The December flood a couple years ago was HRI's negligence. They are trying to shift blame on to the bridge. The flood waters by Palekana behind the Laie Village Shopping Center drained real fast AFTER Laie residents removed the obstacles at the mouth of their bridge.

The bridge was not the problem. HRI management was the problem!

LCA Kingdom said...

Was there a secret elections for LCA board again for 2010? Who won? Oh sorry No need asked. Same old cronies. Independent voices need not apply.

corruption in laie said...


Laie Born said...

This was from August 12 KHON 2 news. So much smokes and mirrors. They are PCC, HRI employees. What you expect them to say? LOL.

This empty plot of land that once held the Laie Inn could soon house a new, bigger hotel.

"It's been sorely missed and are community has suffered a bit without accommodations here so it would be nice to have those back again," says Steve Hoag, Hawaii Reserves Vice President of Administration.

The Inn was demolished in November 2009.

"We've had situations where people have had graduations or weddings and when people come from outside to participate there's nothing else other than Turtle Bay," says Delsa Moe, Laie resident.

But some residents are concerned another hotel will cause traffic problems.

"Traffic they were worried about too much cars on the highway they were worried about the expansion of BYU they were worried about the housing that we were going to have will be for the people," says Kela Miller, Koolauloa Neighborhood board.

The Laie hotel is expected to have 223 rooms and is the second part of a project called "Envision Laie."

Other proposed plans include building more dorms at BYU-Hawaii and more than 850 new condos, townhouses and homes in Malaekahana.

Those in favor of the development say it will create more jobs in the area.

Those against the plan say those created will be low-income, service jobs.

"If people could be more closer to home it would be a lot more better for the family they could really take care of their kids better," says J.C. Chang, Laie resident.

"We think it's important to help us revitalize the area and to help create more jobs both construction jobs as well as operating jobs once the hotel is built," says Hoag.

Because the project has been controversial, Honolulu city council has proceeded cautiously in approving plans.

In a statement chairman Ernie Martin says...
"We anticipate that there will be a significant amount of testimony on both sides concerning the project. But irrespective of the decision taken by the council the council's decision should not be taken as an indication of the council's for or against Envision Laie."

Again, the meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 17th in the city council chambers.

The public is invited to voice their opinion on the issue.